Create a life that’s Fit for purpose:
understanding the inner game of Grace & Compassion for strength & health

Let’s start your journey to fitness, fierceness, and fulfillment. . . and create a life that you don’t need an escape from. You are worthy of love, happiness, and health.
deserve it. . . and I’m here to help you not only believe it. . . but live it.

Make time for you.

Let's do this together.

Mom so hard.

I can keep you accountable.

Fit, Fierce, & Fulfilled

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You were someone before you were their mom, let’s find her again– happier, healthier, and stronger.


Let’s be real– being a mom is hard work.

You’re so busy taking care of everyone else that you end up putting yourself last, which leaves you feeling a little…

Disconnected. Disillusioned. Depleted.

You want to care for yourself well (body and soul) so you can live life to the fullest, and bring the best of yourself to the people you love most.

But where do you begin?
Right here.

This is what my brand and mission is all about.
XO, Erica stands for Executive Officer of the #FitMomArmy (which is what we call our community) and it also stands for hugs & kisses– since love is my highest core value.

Lift, Love, Mom, Repeat.™
which stands for:

Lift // move your body every day.
Love // be love. Love yourself and others
Mom // the word I hold closest to my heart
Repeat // day in and day out

When we put ourselves first, it allows us to show up in a bigger way, which results in deeper relationships, inner peace, and a more fulfilled life…. and that’s how you create a life that’s fit for purpose.
It isn’t about your appearance (that’s a bonus), it’s about being healthy from the inside out and working on all aspects: mind, body, & spirit.

So, whether you follow me on social media, receive my newsletter, purchased products, or are in one of my programs–you are a valued member of the Fit Mom Army. I know with the right support system, we can reach anything we want in life and I’m really glad that you’re here.

Why I do What I do

As a stay at home mom I feel like I never finish a project (laundry, cleaning, organizing, cooking) there is always more to be done. When I exercise I can try something new and push myself. I start something, finish something, and get a result. 

Exercise has allowed me to focus on me and take care of myself body and mind, because if I don’t take care of me, who will?

Erica has helped me realize that I can do it, to have faith in myself and trust the process. I feel the most fierce I have felt in My life so far!!  No words to say thank you enough!”

Nikki H.

“My biggest fear in hiring you was that I wouldn’t be able to perform the exercises, which turned out to be not a problem because you gave me tasks within my body’s ability. My two favorite things about working with you was you’re a great gal and fun to converse with and second, you gave me exercises that were more challenging that I would have tried myself. I am really grateful for your direction and how you’ve helped me change my body!.”

Joy C.

“Like many women, I found myself steadily gaining weight after I had my sons, and struggling to lose it on my own. I realized how much junk and convenience foods I was eating. Erica helped me with a nutrition plan and coached me through the rough spots. More important than the number on the scale. It’s the combination of mind and body, and supporting each other. We talked about my goals and what I needed to do to get me there. She was not only helping to get me in good physical health, but she was promoting positive mental health as well. After three months of this lifestyle change, I have lost 25 pounds and over 10 inches. But better than that, I FEEL better, am happier, and my clothes fit better, and now I have the desire to move my body, be active, try new things. It makes me a better person, but a better mom to my active boys.”

Courtney W.

“I bought a pair of pants a month ago that I knew would be too small. They were REALLY small – I couldn’t zip them up! This morning I tried them on – and they zipped! … I definitely can see the progress I’m making. Thank you! I wouldn’t be making this progress without your encouragement. You are making a difference!”

Barb H.

“My biggest fear was changing my routine and starting over on my fitness journey. It was hard in the beginning, but after two months, things adjusted and began to fall into place. My favourite part was challenging myself, talking with Erica, changing my negative self-talk to positive, and reminding myself it’s a process. Erica is a ray of sunshine who is so easy and comforting to work with. She makes you want to go the extra step to challenge yourself both physically and mentally.”

Heather B.

“My biggest fear was that it wouldn’t work for me, but when I followed the meal plan and workouts, the results came! Every time I walked into the gym, I knew I was there to work with a friend, not a scary boss! Be ready to put in work and trust the journey!”

Miranda B.

“Life before working together felt more stressful and a little more unpredictable. My biggest fear when hiring you was not accomplishing anything, continuing the yo-yo cycle, and not feel any better… also that you would kick my butt! Which you did, but in a good way! After working together, I feel confident and have more tools and willpower to keep moving forward. I still have some setbacks, but getting back into the healthy routine is so much easier!”

Miranda W.

“I can’t say enough amazing things about Erica. She listens without judging, empathizes, motivates, and encourages in just the right doses. She pushes me and is my cheerleader. When I succeed, she is thrilled – helping others drives her and it shows. I couldn’t be happier with my results! I look forward to my ‘Erica time’ each week.”

Melanie M.

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