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I used to set goals that were slightly out of reach or sometimes I didn’t set a goal for the fear that I might fail or maybe I didn’t set a goal because I knew deep down inside I wouldn’t follow through with it. Can you relate to any of these thoughts?

Maybe you’ve heard about S.M.A.R.T. goals?
With S.M.A.R.T. goals, you pick a goal that’s specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely.
The problem is when we pick goals like this, there’s usually no emotion involved. We don’t dig deep enough.

For example, I often hear clients say, “I want to lose 20 pounds.”

And that’s great! But, I challenge you to keep asking yourself, “Why?” until you get to the emotion behind it! What will losing that 20 pounds do for you?


  1. What would be so amazing for you to achieve?
(example:  “I want to feel so fit and healthy that everyone who comes into contact with me will feel energized.”  or   “I want to be my own business card.”  or  “I want to feel confident inside and out when I look in the mirror”).


2. What are some methods or behaviors you could implement to help you reach that goal?
(example:  “When I drop the kids off, I’ll only shop the produce aisle in the grocery store.”  or  “I’ll commit to working out on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday every week.”  or  “I’ll meal prep and plan every Sunday night with my family”).

You see, it’s also a commitment versus a goal or expectation. When we reach for goals or expectations, when we hit them, then what? However, if you’re committed to living a healthy lifestyle or committed to going to the gym Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, or shopping the produce aisle after dropping off your kids… you will continue to do it. There is no end date. There is no timeline.

What did you come up with?
How are you going to implement these steps to help you achieve your goals!

I’d love to hear! Please comment below!

*This post was inspired by Brendon Burchard*

Erica Hoese is a wife, mother of 3, fitness & wellness coach, natural figure competitor, and speaker based out of Minnesota.
Her passion is encouraging and equipping moms, with young children who struggle with making time for themselves, how to live their happiest, healthiest, and best life.