Here are my 5 tips to stay on track

Traveling is awesome, but some how it can totally throw us off on our routine. Here are 5 tips top that have helped me stay on track while heading out of town.

  1. Prepare – mentally prepare ahead of time. You’ll be leaving for a few days and you won’t be perfect. There will be temptations. You’ll be out of your routine, so please focus on doing the best you can with what you’ve got, while you’re there.

  2. Plan – plan how many meals you’re going to eat out and look at your options while you’re down there. Check out some of the restaurants in the area if you can ahead of time. If it’s an option, I check out the closest grocery store to our hotel and buy fruits & healthy options to snack on while we’re in the room. It’ll save you money and your waistline. And most of the rooms come with a microwave & mini fridge nowadays- so just call ahead and ask.

  3. Pack –  When I’m flying or driving, I pack my meal replacement/protein shakes and snacks in my suitcase. Another thing I learned too, was to check out the fitness center of my hotel before traveling. I got to a hotel once and I assumed there would be a decent one and all they had were treadmills… and I’m a weights-kind-of-girl, so now I check every hotel I stay at. Plus, I pack my resistance bands just in case. Worst case scenario, walk everywhere if you can and have a bodyweight fitness workout ready to go (read until the end).

  4. Play – don’t forget to have fun with your family. Don’t stress– this is your vacation. Be present with your family and enjoy it. After all, that’s why you planned it, right?

  5. Patience – Focus on the 24 hours in front of you and make the best choices you can. Have patience and grace with yourself. This is a marathon, not a sprint and consistency always wins. One day is not going to ruin your progress. You’re doing awesome and that’s all we can ever ask of ourselves.

Where are you traveling to?
What would make your trip the best ever?
If you struggle with vacationing and staying on track, what’s one thing I could help you with?

P.S. Here’s a print out for hotel workout & snack list I use! 

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Erica Hoese is a wife, mother of 3, fitness & wellness coach, natural figure competitor, and speaker based out of Minnesota.
Her passion is encouraging and equipping moms, with young children who struggle with making time for themselves, how to live their happiest, healthiest, and best life.