BEcome A Coach

Herbalife is a global leader in meal replacement protein shakes, dietary supplements, and skin care products.

Imagine what it’d be like to…

• Be a present mom & wife
• Experience the freedom and security to spend more time doing the things you love
• Design a flexible schedule
• Create an identity outside of mom & wife

I want to gain 20 pounds.

I know now that weight loss does not equate fat loss.

I also know that people change for two reasons: inspiration or desperation and for me it was desperation, and I have no shame in admitting that.

I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism, dropped from 130 to 108 pounds, underweight, and stressed. I knew I needed to make a change, because my health depended on it and the simplest thing for me to start with was my food & exercise.

After getting started on my own personalized nutrition program— I noticed an increase of energy, which meant I didn’t need three alarm clocks to wake me up anymore, I’ve gained 20 pounds of muscle, dropped 11% body fat, and feel even better now than I did before having kids!

Naturally, my friends and family started noticing too and were asking me what I was doing differently, which led me to having a shake party in my living room.

It opened my eyes to how I could help women fall in love with themselves again, make a living doing it, and live on purpose.

And the best part is I’ve created a business of family (aka #FitMomArmy)

I get to help Women

Rediscover a body that they’re proud of by focusing on their strength, and building their confidence in and out of the gym

Generate their own money, so that they can contribute financially to their family

Build a life that they don’t need to escape

Ready to get started?

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