A 30-day fitness plan, nutrition guide, & self-love practices for moms to start feeling stronger, sexier, fitter, and happier!

Book Outline:

 Introduction – my journey: Motherhood was something I never thought was for me. I was afraid of what pregnancy would do to my body, my freedom, and who I was. Turns out I changed my mind and now I’m a mom of 3 beautiful children and I know what it feels like to lose yourself completely to being a mom. I vowed that would never happen and yet I found myself immersed in taking care of everyone else’s needs before my own. I got to a point in life where I didn’t even recognize who I was anymore. I had had enough. In this book you’ll find the steps I took to take myself from flabby mom to fit mom.


1. Lift – move your body every day. Most of the time I spent in the gym was on the cardio machines, and it  wasn’t until I started lifting and eating right that my body started to actually change. In this section you’ll find a 30-day fitness plan and eating guide to help you kick start your journey, incorporate the right kind of carbs (there’s no need to be afraid of them), have a treat each week (yes, I still eat chocolate cake), and make changes that are sustainable and last!


2. Love – love yourself fully. You are the only one that can go for what you want. In this section we’re going to dive deep and let ourselves dream of the body and the lifestyle we want. Most of the time we’re chasing the feeling of what we think our goal will give us. In this section, I will help you get clear on your goals, find what brings us the most joy, and start aligning our thoughts and feelings to what we want to achieve. Next, we’ll work on changing those negative voices in your head, by using affirmations that actually work for you, clearing your mind with mediation, and incorporating journaling– all so we can keep moving forward in the process!


3. Mom – the word I hold closest to my heart. In this section you’ll get kid-friendly recipes and also hear real stories from real moms, just like you, who are getting real results. You’re not alone, we’re all here to support one another, and help you continue on your journey.


4. Repeat- day in and day out. Here you’ll get the tools to create a lifestyle change, customize your own plan and morning routine, and set yourself up for a lifetime of success!