Said no woman ever.

You simply cannot use the scale as your only way to judge your progress.
If you asked me in my 20’s what weight I wanted to be at, I would’ve told you between 120 and 125 pounds.
Now I weigh right around 145 and I would take this body that I have right now, again, and again, and again, than the body that I thought I wanted, the body that I tirelessly worked for to try to maintain.

In the beginning though, I would have never said, “I think I want to gain 20 more pounds.”

No one says that.

I’m telling you right now to throw away the scale–measure your progress by how you look, how you feel, and you getting stronger.
Feel the feelings you would be feeling if you had your dream body now, while you’re working toward it.

How’s your energy?
How are you showing up?
Are you more positive?
Are you more loving?
Are you more peaceful?

Those are indicators that the scale will never tell you.