What is the Fit Mom Army?

The Fit Mom Army is what we call our community. My mission is to help you create a strong body, strong mind, and strong spirit–so whether you’ve purchased my book, my affirmation deck, a tank top, receive my newsletter, come to my bootcamps, or are in one of my programs–you are a valued member of the Fit Mom Army and I am so glad you’re here.

Hi, I’m Erica


It was during my third pregnancy when I became very negative toward myself. It was probably one of the lowest points in my life.


After having Jace I started working going to the gym and eating healthier and what happened was not only an external transformation, but also an internal transformation as well. I became stronger mentally, I was grateful, I was happier, I was more joyful, and I was present.


This is what my brand and mission is about. XO, Erica stands for Executive Officer of the #FitMomArmy and it also stands for hugs & kisses– love is my highest core value. My tagline is Lift, Love, Mom, Repeat. which stands for:


Lift // move your body every day


Love // be love. Love yourself and others


Mom // the word I hold closest to my heart


Repeat. // day in and day out


You are more than just a mom. That’s only one of the roles that you play.


I believe you can have the body you desire. I believe you can meal prep and make healthy meals that your whole family enjoys. I believe you can look and feel even better now than you did before you had kids. I believe you can have whatever you want in life, you get to decide and define it for yourself.


So, whether you are follow me on social media, receive my newsletter, purchased a product or are in one of my programs–you are a valued member of the Fit Mom Army.


Let’s connect–I’d love to get to know you and why you’re here.


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