Before I found lifting I had a lot of friends that did yoga, which led me to think that I should probably do that too, because every one else was doing it… and while yoga is awesome and it has many benefits, I wasn’t in love with it.

I fell hard and fast— I absolutely love lifting and it totally makes me come alive again. There’s something magical that happens when you move your body– my energy increases, my mood lifts, my passion ignites, and my presence sky rockets– I feel so free.

I didn’t totally give up yoga though, I took what I liked about it and added it to my workouts.
I start & end every class with yoga sequence, followed by meditation… I made it work for me… and my advice to you, is you have to find what works for you… that’s the secret, that’s where the magic is. If I would have followed everyone else, I wouldn’t have found what truly lights me up, to help me come alive again.

Go out and try different things until you find the one thing that lights you up… go find your joy… and then go and do that, because we need more people in this world that have found their spark and to come alive again.

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