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Are you sick of looking in the mirror and not liking what you see?

Are you ready to feel stronger in your body and sexy in your clothes?

Are you Ready to finally stop giving into everyone else and start putting yourself first?

It’s possible and I’m here to show you how to live your fittest, your fiercest, and your most fulfilled life.

The gateway to the mind is through nutrition and fitness and once those areas are strong, we can truly step into our authentic power. By working out, eating well, making healthy choices, and surrounding ourselves with a positive tribe, we’re more likely to stick with it and keep working toward our goals.


Meet Erica

Erica Hoese is a wife, mother of 3, fitness & wellness coach, a natural figure competitor, and motivational speaker based out of Mayer, Minnesota. For the past 6 years, she’s been able to live her passion, which is helping moms reconnect with who they are to become strong inside & out, and be happier, healthier, and better moms.

When we put ourselves first, it allows us to show up in a bigger way, which results in deeper relationships, inner peace, and a more fulfilled life. It isn’t just about your appearance, it’s about being healthy from the inside out and working on all aspects: mind, body, & spirit. I know with the right tools and an awesome support system, we can reach anything we want in life.


Work with me