You Do You 😘

One of my friends was telling me about how she started making these charcuterie boards for her kids after school which they loved.

She normally is there when her kids get home from school and on this particular day she had some where to be, so her husband was going to takeover.

She said he was worried because he didn’t know how to make those boards and she assured him, that was her thing and he had to do “his thing” — find something that he could offer and make it his own.

I could so relate to this about my business, motherhood, relationships, the list goes on . . .

How many times have you tried to imitate others, follow their path, and try to have the same exact results?

Nope. It doesn’t always work like that, does it?

Because sometimes by doing that, you lose you in the process and what makes YOU stand out.

As a coach, I will give you the tools, but ultimately you have to take it into your own hands and do what works for you to get your own best results.

Follow your path.
Make it your own.
You do you . . . for you.